The Razorcut Labeller incorporates a totally different concept in roll-fed labelling technology, and has been developed to simplify the operation and maintenance of roll-fed equipment, thus eliminating the lengthy and costly learning curves experienced with all other types of such labellers.

The patented Razorcut does not utilise the normal rotary/stationary cutter unit, because the cutting of the label web takes place on the vacuum drum by pneumatically operated blades incorporated whithin the drum assembly. There is no skill required in fitting blades and operators can change over all the blades into pre-set positions in a matter of minutes.

In addition, unlike all other roll-fed labellers, there are no glue roller and scraper blade assemblies, because the hot melt gluing application is carried out using a controllable jet spray which accurately applies hot melt glue to the leading and trailing edges of the label. This greatly reduces downtime and the constant adjustment associated with the conventional hot melt application systems, whilst also eliminating glue spillage with the added benefit of no glue return to the tank, thus maintaining a much cleaner machine. Hot melt consumption is typically one fifth of that used on conventional glue roller systems fitted to all other roll-fed labellers.

The Razorcut can readily handle cylindrical, square and rectangular containers at speeds between 2,000cph and 42,000 cph dependant on container size and application. The container diameter range is from 40mm to 225mm, larger than any other foll fed manufacturers capability. Empty PET and other plastic containers can be pressurized utilizing an air inflation system incorporated in the rotary turret thus combining high speed and accurate label placement.

The Razorcut has been designed for ease of operator training and low maintenance with minimal spare parts stocking requirements. Customers around the world claim the Razorcut has a much lower learning curve than any other comparable machine on the market