CARMICHAEL's partner company in China, C+G ZhongDe Industry Group, who have the license to manufacture and sell Razorcut machines in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong have been in full scale production of the Razorcut range of machines since early 2007. Razorcut customers include Huiyuan Juice, Nong Fu Spring Water, Taoda, Coca Cola, Danone, Runtian Beverages and Guanfang Cola.  C&G are China's largest manufacturer of paper / magazine fed labellers and their equipment dominates China's breweries. C&G are thus extremely well placed to manufacture and support the Razorcut equipment in China

                                             C&G Offices and Factory in Qinhuangdao


  Assemby of Razorcut Labellers at C&G            First Razorcut built by C&G in 2007


Razorcut at 2OO7 Bev Show in Shanghai .....One of seven Razorcut labellers installed in..... ..................................................................................Nong Fu Spring Water at 40,000bph..............

Glue Spray and Glue Roller Razorcuts on C&G Stand, Beijing 2008


Razorcut in Coca-Cola Shanghai - June 2009

For any enquiries in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, please contact

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     +86 335 5910180

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In October 2007 CARMICHAEL entered into a Licensing Agreement with Ektam Makine in Izmir, Turkey, who will be responsible for the manufacture, sales and technical support of Razorcut labellers in Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa.  Razorcuts installed on Ektam lines include Pepsi Cola, Sirma Water, Cypri-Cola (Cyprus), Altunkaya (Dubai), and Doganay. Ektam are a prominent supplier of high performance bottling lines and manufacture their own range of fillers, rinsers and other line equipment. Ektam PET lines now tend to integrate the Razorcut and two more PET lines with Razorcuts will be installed in Iraq in late 2009

Ektam Makine Offices and Factory in Izmir, Turkey

Assemby of Razorcuts in Ektam, Izmir

One of two Razorcuts in operation in Pepsi-Cola, Cyprus

Ektam Stand - Drinktec 2009

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       +90 232877 15 65 

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In May 2009 CARMICHAEL entered into a Licensing Agreement with K2 Engineering Group to manufacture, sell and technically support the Razorcut roll-fed technology in the USA and Canada.

The company  was started by several ex-Krones managers in 2001, and based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the company already manufactures a range of high performance magazine fed and pressure sensitive labellers. The extensive expertise and knowledge K2 has with advanced labelling systems makes them an ideal partner for CARMICHAEL in North America

K2 Offices and Factory in Milwaukee, USA

For more information please contact

    +1 262 662 3452

       +1 262 662 4854

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